1. Checkin at Fugitive Motel
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      We've had a pretty boring weekend of decluttering and answering emails, so we decided to take a break and check out Fugitive Motel in Bethnal Green.

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      I've wanted to go ever since I heard the name, but even more so when I spotted their retro Americana decor.

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      We sat in a diner style booth with a motel vacancy sign that you could turn on or off depending on whether you wanted company.

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      Not being the designated driver, I ordered a margarita and felt guilty that Tom couldn't try one of the 16 craft beers they had on tap, though I did offer to get him a 6 pack to take home.

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      It was then time for pizza and I had the tuna pizza with red onions and olives while Tom had the marinara with artichoke, anchovies, olives and capers.

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      As well as pizza and beer, there was a shuffleboard table and the cornhole games room where you could toss bean bags into hoops.

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