1. Checkin at ZSL London Zoo
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      It was time for my first photo job of 2020 this morning and luckily it was a fun one.

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      Once a year at ZSL London Zoo, the keepers get their clipboards out and take a count of the animals.

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      Cameras at the ready, our first stop were the penguins who were a little quieter than usual.

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      Next were the lions and, at first, it seemed like only the male would make an appearance.

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      But after a while, the three lionesses began to emerge from their cave.

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      It was clear that Heidi was the boss of the pride. She growled at the others when they tried to get to the food and even had a standoff with Bhanu, the male lion.

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      She was in a terrible mood, like she had just woken up, and at one point got hit on the head by the stocktake sign so hit it right back with her paw.

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      We were off to the B.U.G.S building next where a Giant African Land Snail was waiting for us, posed on a calculator. There are 40 of these massive snails in the zoo.

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      Next up were my favourites, the Bolivian black-capped squirrel monkeys.

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      The squirrel monkeys were keen to help with their count by attempting to eat the chalk.

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      One of the keepers came over while I was photographing a monkey on a warning sign about them biting and said that in 15 years of working with them, he'd never been bitten.

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      They do look very angelic considering how naughty they can be, but much to our disappointment, they were really well behaved this time.

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