1. Checkin at Bob Bob Cité
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      Of course, we couldn't resist pushing the Press For Champagne button which was Presser Pour Champagne to fit with the French theme.

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      Our table number turned red on the digital display and two glasses of pink champagne soon arrived.

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    I had the Baked Oysters to start with parmesan and black truffle. They weren't as seafood like as I was expecting, more like a tasty cheese sauce or soup.

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    Tom decided to splash out and get the Salmon Fume Imperial which was smoked salmon, lemon jelly, gazpacho, potatoes and pickled onions. All topped with Siberian caviar, which our Siberian kitty Bobbin would approve of.

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    After making French Onion Soup for the family yesterday, I was tempted to see how Bob Bob made theirs and ordered it for my main. Interestingly, they added croutons and a slice of bread and it had a far more savoury taste than mine.

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    Tom had Le 'Pie' Du Poissoner which was a Fishmonger's pie with salmon, cod, smoked haddock and mussels. The pastry was impossibly shiny and had a fish printed on it.

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    I really didn't need dessert after all that food, but luckily Bob Bob Cite don't turn tables, so they left us for a long while to ponder the menu and the Pink Peppercorn & Honey Madeleines were too tempting not to try.

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