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      Bringing the 15th century to the Netflix generation, The King by David Michôd & Joel Edgerton is a tense and dramatic retelling of William Shakespeare’s Henry V.

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      Knowing he’s not the first choice to take the throne, Henry is a reluctant king, more interested in sleeping and drinking. However, he is forced to take the crown for his dying father when his younger brother is killed in battle.

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      The new king hopes to stop the bloodshed but, with a government who believe that peace is only “forged in victory”, war is inevitable. The following battle scenes are beautifully shot, gritty and brutal, against a soundtrack of clinking metal on armour.

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      Full of youthful good looks, Timothée Chalamet is a surprising choice for a battling king, but brings a dark and brooding style to the role, heroically throwing himself into battle with a scrappy fighting style.

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      The film also features Joel Edgerton as loyal friend and soldier, Falstaff; Lily-Rose Depp as French Princess, Catherine; and Robert Pattinson as Louis, the Dauphine of Viennois, complete with a hilariously quirky and villainous French accent.

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      A coming of age tale as much as a historical drama, watch as a wayward young boy steps up to become one of England’s greatest kings.

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      The King will be released in cinemas from October 11th and available on Netflix to stream from November 1st.

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