1. Checkin at Dabbers Social Bingo
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      It was a Bank Holiday today, so Tom was off work and we had tickets for an event at Dabbers Social Bingo.

  2. Checkin at Sushi Samba
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      We started with some Yellowtail Taquitos with avocado and roasted corn miso. They were served on a London Brick with a foaming hot sauce on the side.

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      We then had Salmon Sashimi because it's Tom's favourite. The coriander garnish was gilded with gold dust.

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      We then had the Sasa rolls which were filled with shrimp tempura, quinoa, shishito, coriander, spicy mayo and red onion.

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      Finally we had the Tiger Maki with wasabi tobiko, crab meat, tempura prawn and tiger prawn, which looked beautiful decorated with wasabi mayo, beetroot yogurt and unagi tare.

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      We headed out onto the balcony afterwards for cocktails in the sun.

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      Tom had the Chucumber with shochu, maraschino, plum sake bitters and cucumber, while I had a Coconut Matcha Sour with toasted coconut washed gin, coconut cream, ginger, lime and egg white.

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