1. Checkin at Unity Diner
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      We started with the Chikken Satay Skewers, which were super tasty and made from vegan chicken, served with peanut sauce.

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      I then had the Surf n' Turf Dog which came topped with vegan tempura prawns.

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      Tom had The Surge Burger made from cashews and mushrooms served on a pink beetroot bun and topped with vegan bacon.

  2. Checkin at Looking Glass Cocktail Club
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      In the evening, we headed to Looking Glass Cocktail Club, an Alice In Wonderland inspired speakeasy.

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      We asked "Is Mister Fox here?" and the waiter giggled, said of course and then served us a welcome cocktail.

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      I ordered a cocktail which was listed in Chinese, so I have no idea what it was called but it was made with birch spirit, rice water, peach leaf liqueur, ginger, chestnut, lemon and Chinese Five Spice. It was served in a rice bowl and covered in rice paper and sesame seeds, so that it looked like a bowl of noodles.

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      Tom had Ash & Coal with whisky, fig & rosemary vermouth, hops, charcoal and bitters. It was smoked and then served with a slab of slate on top.

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