1. Checkin at Yays Bickersgracht
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      Today marked the first day of our trip to Amsterdam with Katie & Phil, to celebrate Katie's birthday.

  2. Checkin at St Pancras International
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      Katie and Phil had caught the ferry over the previous night, while we were zipping over in the Eurostar, and were scheduled to arrive at the same time as them.

  3. Checkin at Kaasland Haarlemmerdijk
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      We met up at the station and everyone looked a bit tired, so we decided to head to the apartment.

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      We were staying at Yays in Bickersgracht, a lovely little self service apartment right next to the canal.

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      We left Katie to settle in with her wine while the boys and I headed out in hunt of ingredients for dinner.

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      I kept holding them up by stopping to look in shop windows and take photos of all the pretty buildings.

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      I'd been craving red pesto gouda since our last visit to Amsterdam, so when I spotted a cheese shop called Kaasland Haarlemmerdijk, I rushed in to find some.

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      There was so much cheese that it was piled up to the rafters but sadly they didn't have the red pesto gouda I was after. I settled for some green pesto gouda and lavender gouda instead.

  4. Checkin at Marqt Haarlemmerstraat
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    After dinner, everyone was feeling a lot perkier, so we headed out into the city in search of a drink.

  6. Checkin at Cafe de Oranjerie
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      We ended up at Cafe de Oranjerie, a cosy little bar where we got tucked up in a corner with beer and wine.

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