1. Checkin at ASDA
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      After waking up at the Swindon Hilton on Saturday, we turned our noses up at the £16.50 breakfast and went for egg McMuffin’s at McDonald’s in an Asda / shopping centre which may have been the most depressing place on earth.

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    We then went on a road trip and Ben and Dave kept us entertained with their singing.

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    Dave then took us to see the @[689357528:Ocelot Mag]'s offices at an airfield in the countryside which had cows, pigs, sheep, horses and camouflage attack helicopters!

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    I loved their magazine wall.

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    It was so peaceful in the country and Ben kept commenting on how clean the air was in between puffs of his cigarette.

  7. Checkin at Stonehenge
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      We were quite close by, so we decided to go and see Stonehenge. On the way we saw a sofa waiting at a bus stop. Dave said that when the bus arrived the driver would say there were no seats… haha. Dave warned us that Stonehenge would be a disappointment, so that we would be suitably impressed when we got there!

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  8. Checkin at The Red Lion Pub
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      By then it was lunchtime, so Dave took us to The Red Lion, a pub which is surrounded by it’s very own stone circle, the Avebury Stones. The food was amazing!

  9. Checkin at Avebury Stones, Avesbury
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      Afterwards we got to hug the stones and went for a walk in between the rocks and the goats.

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      Tom got to ride on a tractor and then there was a pretty garden and house, which was free to look around for one day only.

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    We were super sleepy when we got back to London, so we snuggled up and watched @[140314354108:Up In The Air] (which is all set in @[113132652033783:Omaha]) and @[59925061686:Paper Heart] with Michael Cera playing himself – he’s everyone’s boyfriend!

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    Also a whole stack of invitations for fashion shows at @[96845044850:London Fashion Week] had arrived while we were away and I can't wait.

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