1. Checkin at Edinburgh Zoo
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      We were invited along to Edinburgh Zoo for a visit today and I was really exciting because I haven't been in years, probably since I was on a school trip in Primary School.

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      Our first stop was the meerkats, who were just waking up for the day, digging holes and standing to attention on the rocks.

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      We then made our way through the Pelican Walkthrough where the pelicans were getting very excited about breakfast time with the Junior Zookeepers.

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      Long before the zoo had pandas, the most famous animals of all were the penguins with their daily march at lunchtime and, no matter how many times you see them, you can never get tired of watching them walk.

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      On the day we visited, there were over 150 eggs waiting to be hatched with lots of nervously expectant mothers and fathers.

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      One of the unique things about Edinburgh Zoo is that it's set on Costorphine Hill, so you climb higher and higher as you work your way to the back of the zoo, giving you an amazing view over the city.

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      The top of the zoo is also where the zebras live in the Hilltop Safari.

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      The highlight of our visit came at the end when we went to see the pandas.

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      The female panda, Tiang Tiang, was hidden behind the scenes while she prepared for baby season but we got to see the male panda, Yang Guang, munching on eucalyptus and looking very happy with himself.

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