1. Checkin at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
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      Alex had mentioned that we should check out the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop down in Leith, so we decided to head along this morning.

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      Though there wasn't much to see on the day, it was a really cool space and had a Milk Cafe down in the courtyard.

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      Just in time for brunch, I tucked into an amazing quinoa & chia seed porridge while Tom had halloumi.

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    Nearby, I spotted this adorable doorway which I think would be the perfect spot for my future crafty cat cafe.

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    Afterwards, Tom took me along to the shore where he'd found something cool he wanted to show me.

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    There was an abandoned lighthouse at the end of the pier which looked really creepy and cool.

  5. Checkin at Smyths Toys Superstores
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      We stopped off at the Toy Shop to pick up some Lego. We got this cute log cabin which has a minifigure that looks exactly like Kenny living in it.

  6. Checkin at La Barantine
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      Our final stop before heading home to build Lego was La Barrantine for some French passtries to enjoy while building our set.

  7. Checkin at The Fountain.
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      The IMAX was having a £3 film festival so Tom got us tickets to see The Martian in 3D. The movie didn't start until midnight though, so we went for a late dinner at The Fountain before heading back for a power nap before the film.

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