1. Checkin at Bakery47
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      I've been hearing good things about Bakery 47 in Glasgow for a while but each time we'd visited, they'd already ran out of cake.

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      We got lucky today when we arrived early enough to try some for ourself. Tom had an amazing slice of Millionaire's Shortbread and I had a rum ball which they make by taking all of the leftover cakes from the previous day and blending together with rum.

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    We headed over to the West End to explore and do a little shopping.

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    I loved the walls of this toy shop which were covered in resin bubbles filled with doll clothing.

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  6. Checkin at The Hug and Pint
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      We went for lunch at The Hug & Pint which serves vegan pan-asian street food.

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      Tom had a bowl of ramen while I tried the kimchee miso soup.

  7. Checkin at Papercup Coffee Company
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      Afterwards we went for coffee and more cake at Papercup which was a really cute cafe.

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      I had a smoothie, which you ordered by picking a colour, and coconut macaroon.

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    We headed home via the Lego store where we treated ourselves to the Detective Office set.

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    The office is so cool with a mini safe and hidden compartments behind the paintings.

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    There's a pool hall downstairs with a hairdressers next door and up on the top, there's a little bakery and water tower.

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  12. Checkin at The Squid & Whale
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