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    Ben & Kirsty invited us to their wedding reception in St Andrews this evening, so we used the trip as an excuse to stop off in Anstruther and meet Mum, Dad and Nana during the day.

  2. Checkin at Anstruther Fish Bar
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      Tom and I shared a seafood platter for lunch which tasted amazing.

  3. Checkin at Cocoa Tree Cafe
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      We went for hot chocolate at the Cocoa Tree in Pitenweem afterwards.

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    It was then time for the reception which was a hotel just outside of St Andrews.

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    It was so nice to see Ben & Kirsty again, who we hadn't seen since University.

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    We also had a chance to catch up with Nathan, Sean and Iain and play arcade games.

  7. Checkin at G.H. Macarthurs
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      I was chatting to Alex about the Sprinkles cupcake ATMs in America and she told me there was a fudge donut vending machine in St Andrews where you could get bakery treats 24 hours a day.

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      Though the vending machine has a new curfew of 2am on weekends, we were just in time to grab two donuts for the drive home.

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