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    I teamed up with Stephanie Troutner for Superhero Sunday today and drew this comic strip to her awesome script for Crafterella in The Battle Of The Block.

  2. Checkin at Roseleaf bar cafe
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      We met up with Kenny & Laura for breakfast at the Roseleaf this morning which gave us a chance to exchange gifts from Christmas.

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      Claire had sewn Laura and I these amazing cats as gifts. They looked so professional, I hadn't even considered they were handmade until Kenny told us.

  3. Checkin at Leo and Ted
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      There's a new coffee shop in Bruntsfield called Leo's & Ted. It's so small that we didn't think we'd get a seat but then a girl offered her table as she was leaving.

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      We really liked the hazelnut crumb cake and the coffee was pretty good too. We headed next door afterwards to buy American treats and Super Bowl supplies.

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    We got proper corn chips, blue corn chips, Monterey Jack cheese and homemade salsa to make nachos which we washed down with A&W root beer.

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