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    I turned the Figaro cross-stitch that I made at Say It Ain't Sew last week into a mini embroidery hoop necklace with my supplies from Dandelyne and I love the way it turned out.

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    On the subject of Figgy, my nail tutorial made it into the latest Figaro Owners Club newsletter.

  3. Checkin at The Cabaret Voltaire
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      It was flower week at Say It Ain't Sew tonight and I started off by making a stacked felt flower hair clip. It has a loop on the back so I can slide it on a hairband but it worked well as a ring too.

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      Tom even joined us this week and we joined forces to make a daffodil. He cut out the shapes and then I stitched it up while he drank beer.

  4. Checkin at Byron Burgers Edinburgh
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      Afterwards we treated ourselves to dinner at the new Byron Burgers which had opened on the Bridges.

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      I was worried we might be a little too late to get a table but apparently our timing was perfect as there had been queues around the block until just before we had arrived.

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