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    With a book deadline to hit today, the start of the year has been so busy that I’ve hardly had a chance to do anything other than write, craft and sleep. The book was my big resolution last year and now with that done and dusted, I can finally start on my resolutions for 2014:

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    1. Sew my own wardrobe
    Teaming up with Fabric On Demand to design my own fabric prints, I’m aiming to make a different outfit each month while teaching myself dressmaking. January’s dress is all ready and I can’t wait to get started on my next one!

    2. Adventure time with friends
    With so much work to do, we’ve been hermits over the past few months and have neglected our friends. This year, I want to make time for everyone - maybe I should write a list and go through it one by one, seeing when everyone is next available.

    3. Make more music
    I had so much fun making a Christmas song with Kenny and Laura that I'd like to try and make more and get really good at playing my instruments. I probably won't be able to write a song every month but if I can do a couple by the end of the year that would be awesome.

    4. Be super organised
    I make this promise every year and I'm always getting better, but I'd love to be totally organised this year. I want to update my blog more regularly, keep my to-do list complete and up to date, and try to get my inbox at zero every day using Chase-Up.

    5. Travel more
    Now that we've seen all of America, I'd like to explore the rest of the world too. Tom booked a surprise trip to Amsterdam at the end of the month and we're planning a trip to Japan for Jenny's wedding in a few months.

    2014 is looking awesome already!


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