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    Mum & Dad came to visit today and the weather was so nice, we headed out for an adventure.

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    We started with lunch at Earthy where I loved all the vegetables were looking quite spooky.

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    I had an open sandwich with butternut squash, sweet potato and nuts which was delicious.

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    We walked off lunch by going up Blackford Hill next to the Observatory. There were so many cute dogs being taken out for walks.

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    There was an amazing panoramic view over the city.

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    We then went for cake at Falko. The cake was lovely but the lady serving was very very grumpy.

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    In the evening, Tom decided to make fresh pasta for dinner.

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    Roddy & Lynda gave us a pasta machine for Christmas, so it was great seeing it in action.

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    I made pesto and the finished pasta tasted amazing. Fresh pasta really does taste a lot better!

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    We're looking forward to make more and getting adventurous with ravioli.


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