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      This afternoon we went for lunch at the Salsbury Food Court in Queen’s Park. They do yummy mix ‘n’ match pasta salads where you can try a bit of everything.

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      After lunch my Dad and I went to the London Film Museum which was filled with lots of amazing things.

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      In the first room they had the dinosaur from Night At The Museum, which thrashed around and growled at the passers by. They also had Tyler Durden’s outfit from Fight Club, a tube carriage and huge props from the Borrowers.

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      The next room had the Tardis and Daleks, the batsuit from Batman Return and Mr Freeze’s head, the Terminator and Alien.

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      There were lots of genre-themed rooms but the horror room was my favourite.

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      There was another strange room that was filled with toys and had a cordoned off animator, who was working on a comic book. He gave us his resume and said his job was great because he gets to be a 12-year old all day long.

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      Next was the Star Wars area where they had Han Solo in carbonite and the coolest Star Wars character, Boba Fett!

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      The final part of the museum was dedicated to @[10758602767:Charlie Chaplin] and we got to watch a few of his movies, which were really good. I didn't realise I liked him up until now.

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      Afterward the museum we walked along the South Bank to meet Mum. There’s graffiti of spray cans having a paint fight between tube trains. We also had a seat in the giant grass sofas.

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      We then went for tube line smoothies at the London Transport Museum. I tried the new Bakerloo Line smoothie (our tube line) and it was the best, tasting of banoffee and chocolate.

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      We met up with Tom after work and went for dinner at Yo! Sushi.

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    In the evening we watched @[105635709470786:Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs].

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