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    i managed to re-pierce my ear.. after 4/6 years i took about 20 seconds of just pushing my earing gently through-it. i’m amazed but yay. the forum has 9 members now yay. i expect you all to join it and tell your friends Pin-Up Girl .. tonight i’m off to see certain death in edinburgh which involves travelling there in a really small van crushed up with the band and their instruments – how rock n’ roll. but it shall be a fun drunken affair in which many a fat sweaty man gets pushed around.

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    certain death was good. though it made us stink of smoke afterwords. the van trip was rather.. interesting.. sitting on the floor against a sliding door which seemed ready to pop open at any time with a bunch of punk guys talking about having sex with a crisp packets. for some reason it appeared obligatory that i was in every photo taken that night, too bad i looked so terrible. tom showed up at some point after *he* had been drinking is some seedy pub somewhere. the gig was the usual drunken push-fest it always is but good fun.


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