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    It was Tom's birthday today so we celebrated at my house with cake, presents and a BBQ in the rain.

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    It started raining just before we were about to cook, so I sheltered in the doorway while making everyone food on a disposable BBQ.

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    I cooked @[209873945728479:BBQ Ponderosas], @[212275662152855:BBQ Stuffed Mushrooms], @[181696968563630:BBQ Fajita Kebabs], @[195272080531896:BBQ Sauce] and s'more cookies.

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    Tom's presents included a Bla Bla Hospital wristband and bag, @[110407818977233:Joey D] clothes, a camera, @[47822269847:Peaches] new record, coffee and some crafted items.

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    I also made Tom a @[17062396577:Miffy] @[213584275356409:Pinata] which he refused to break and probably never will.


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