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    had one of those strange edinburgh days that seem to happen a few times a week.. something strange was happening last night in the flat.. there were strange banging noises coming from upstairs along with the sound of keys rattling and rubber gloves being snapped on.. scared but i’m at home now so i’m safe.

    woke up early this morning and got the megabus (minus louise and munki) and went to edinburgh.. bought some comics and a pink dress and ate bacon rolls.. something mad has happened to everything in avalanche and it looks like hogshead.. went on a weird walk.. ended up in morningside where i bought a pretty necklace.. then went to the ugc to see 21 grams which is a very strange (though good) film.. on the way to haymarket we walked past a skip filled with computer stuff – we now own a microphone, a dvd rom, a cd rw, a cd rom, lots of software and a strange journal.. woo jackpot.. tom’s parents picked us up and took us to ikea where tom was treated to many things including a computer desk.

    on tom’s way home something strange happened as he passed through kinghorn, a ned was standing in the middle of the road trying to commit suicide and ended up shouting “run me over” to tom’s dad.. eek kinghorn is certainly not getting any better..

    umm.. other news.. did you know that you lose 21 grams when you die? everyone does. weird.. and victoria beckhams hair extensions are made from the hair of russian prisoners.. that’s enough for now. bye bye x


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