1. Checkin at Chapel Home Farm
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      It was my Canadian Grandparent's last night in Scotland tonight, so we went for a family meal at the Chapel Home Farm in Kirkcaldy. The food is served in such large portions - on 17″ plates to be exact. Tom and I went for the mini-sized, possible children’s menu, which was just like normal size anywhere else. However, we made up for it by getting the largest dessert in the world. We had a huge bowl filled with 3 scoops of Mars ice cream and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, covered in caramel sauce, 2 handfuls of M&Ms, 2 handfuls of Joosters and Mini Mars Bars. Underneath it all was a Mars bar truffle. It was also topped with a generous serving of whipped cream, chocolate sauce and two Twix biscuits.

  2. Checkin at Chapel Home Farm
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